Oh, hai.

So many fucks not to give, so little time.

We want to show you all the fucks we do not give. Why? Because the world is currently so full of dumb shit, idiocy, ignorant people, millenial cunts, stupid situations, ridiculous political (in)correctness, total disregard for humanity, and just total disregard for oneself, anyone else, and everything in general. This world these days is simply a royally fucked up place to be, period.

We’ve had enough of all the fuckery.

So, we’ve formed our own band of merry fuckers who just don’t give a fuck about it all anymore. Why should we? No one else does. So as a little side project, this is where we will store ALL of the fucks we do not give. If you didn’t receive a fuck, please look around in here, it may be hiding somewhere…

Sometimes people say we only act like we don’t give a fuck.

FYI: We are not acting, motherfuckers.


This function has been disabled for 1-800-IDGAF.

Um, NOPE. How about fuck off instead, you FUCK? Or call 1-800-IDGAF!