Fuck it.

Alright so lets get some things clear. This site is a parody, for fun, for entertainment. Shit for you to look at when you’re bored, have some time to waste, or if you wanna fuck around on the interwebs while you’re supposed to be working. Something to make you laugh, something for you to relate to, something for you to share. We’ve ALL had those days or moments when we just DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

We got so fed up that we created our own stash of fucks not to give. We’ve seen a lot of lovely fucks floating around the internets. We’ve made and tried to gather some of the best fucks to showcase here. Occasionally there may be a fuck not given that legally belongs to someone else, in that case we’d be happy to return it with a big fuck you and a smack on the ass (ahem, remove it) if there is a request for us to do so. So if you believe there is some real copyrighted shit that shouldn’t be all up on here, please DO give a fuck and contact us.

Remember, we give no fucks… but all the fucks are for you 🙂

This function has been disabled for 1-800-IDGAF.

Um, NOPE. How about fuck off instead, you FUCK? Or call 1-800-IDGAF!