Category: You’re Fucked!


The fuckery of the world has been upon my shoulders for more than a year now. The amount of assholery has risen to warp factor “fuck you I hope you die and maggots slowly eat your tiny dick and regurgitate it back up in your rotten mouth” type level, especially the last few months. So it seems I have been neglecting all the rest of the fucktardery going on in the world, but as usual, I am never disappointed as soon as I get on the internet. For fuck sake, what in the fucking fuck…


So we took a little break from not giving fucks because we decided to give a fuck about giving a fuck. Unfortunately no matter how many fucks we gave, the elusive fuck that should have been given back was no where in sight to be found. So the giving of fucks has once again ceased. Give no fucks, get no fucks. Waiting for fucks can just fuck right off. So again, we say…


The end. Now fuck off.

Even my GPS cannot find any fucks to give.


And in the words of Dr. Seuss… “I do not give one fuck, two fucks, red fucks, or blue fucks.”


This function has been disabled for 1-800-IDGAF.

Um, NOPE. How about fuck off instead?

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